Happy Tuesday, blog friends! Let’s start today off by having a serious conversation:

Fall has not started yet. 

I know that’s not a popular opinion. But listen! Autumn begins on September 22nd. And it’s going to be GLORIOUS. But as a strong member of the “We Don’t Listen To Christmas Music Until The Day After Thanksgiving” committee, I cannot participate in the fall festivities until summer’s officially over. Do I love boots and sweaters and such as much as the next girl? Of course! But I also don’t want to get sick of cider and pumpkin beer halfway through October. So let’s savor these last few days of summer, and then on September 22nd? I promise I won’t hold back from Starbucks’ fall-flavored drinks.

Except Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Because those are disgusting.

(I know, I heard the collective shudder that just went ’round the world, too. Sue me.)

Moving on: I spent this past weekend in West Palm Beach for TJ & Lexi’s wedding, and it was SUCH a joy-filled event! Hurricane Hermine (which I kept misreading as “Hurricane HermiOne”) passed north of us, so all we had to contend with was a short downpour (which, to be fair, is pretty standard for Florida weather regardless of the hurricane forecast- growing up in Orlando taught me that!).

West Palm Beach wedding photographer | Abby Grace

And alongside learned how to scrutinize the doppler radar, I ALSO learned just how magical Ibuprofen is. I’d been battling the flu for several days and prayed it would go away before the wedding, but not only did I wake up feverish on Saturday, I also managed to develop bronchitis as well. But a regimen of water, regular doses of Ibuprofen and Dayquil, and my amazing second Lauren meant that I was rocking and rolling all day! Thank you, Jesus!

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the weekend:

  • I had the best iced coffee of my life in Florida- a woman I sat next to on my flight from Atlanta to WPB told me about Brooklyn Water Bagel. They make their iced coffee with COFFEE ICE CUBES, so your drink is never watered down! And it was worth the 20-minute drive, for sure.
  • We may have received a few odd looks as we went around town in long-sleeved shirts and long pants in 90-and-humid weather, but I will not apologize for NOT contracting Zika.
  • Also, Lauren & I (mostly Lauren) brought enough mosquito repellant to defend an elementary school. Seriously- there were like…4 cans of spray between the two of us, and something like 10-12 citronella-scented bracelets. We were PREPARED.
  • There’s nothing like scan day from The FIND Lab! I got my color scans back from an in-studio ballerina session and died. See below!!
  • God bless Patient First/urgent care offices. Matt took me as soon as I got off the plane on Sunday evening and we were in & out within 20 minutes, WITH antibiotics & meds in hand. If I’d gone to my regular doctor’s office, it would have taken twice as long + a separate visit to the pharmacy.
  • Oh my gosh, WHY am I talking about medical convenience on a Monday Mash-Up?! Somebody get me an AARP card.
  • Ladies: if you ever need to tease your hair or add volume, this stuff is no joke. I used it on Saturday to keep my poof in place in the Florida humidity and it did NOT FAIL. One use and I’m completely sold!

Don’t forget!! Tonight begins the FREE webinar on Emailing Like A Boss- if you’re not already signed up, snag a seat here! You’ll have THREE chances to learn from me this week, so pick the time that works best for you :). We’re SO excited to see you there!

And here’s a preview from my film scans. I’m still waiting for my B&W rolls to come back!

Washington, DC ballet photographer | Abby Grace

PS- HERE‘s the webinar sign-up link one more time. In case you’re a scroller like me!

Tuesday Mash-Up

September 6, 2016

  1. Jillian says:

    HEAR HEAR on the first part! I LOATHE the holiday creep, especially the Christmas creep.

    Also, pumpkin flavored anything is gross.

  2. Jean says:

    Love that you stick to seasons to the very end! Hope you are feeling much better by now!????????

  3. Rebekah says:

    I so agree about Fall. It’s my favorite season, mostly because of the cooler weather & the beautiful leaves, but it’s still summer now! I also dislike pumpkin spice lattes, as much as I love almost everything else pumpkin flavored. Of course I don’t like coffee at all so maybe that is why.

  4. Maritza says:

    Ahhh… how can you not LOVE PSLs? I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read that part LOL! But I do agree about waiting for the holidays. Why do we rush everything these days?! I walked into Target a couple of days ago and Halloween was everywhere. Emailing Like a Boss was sooo good! Thanks for sharing!

    PS: We will definitely have to meet next time you’re in South Florida 🙂

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