The Funnel Sisters | Brand shoot for copywriting team by Abby Grace Photography


In November 2021, I gave a talk at my mastermind retreat on the categories of visuals business owners need to have to tell the story of their brand, and right afterwards Chess & Nickie of The Funnel Sisters walked over and told me “we need that.” They’d mentioned something had been missing from their website, […]

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Funnel Sisters | DC Brand Shoot

January 25, 2023

Natalie Franke re-brand photographs | Abby Grace Photography


I’ve been keeping these photos under wraps for months, and with the launch on Natalie’s new website this week, I can finally share! And BOY, were these worth waiting for. Natalie was my first ever brand photography client back in 2016 when she was working on her first major rebrand (you can see her first […]

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Natalie Franke | The complete re-brand

January 13, 2023

Campaign shoot for Ashlyn Carter in New Haven | Abby Grace Photography


Some way, somehow, it just keeps getting better! Every time I shoot with my girl Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes, we manage to out-do ourselves. It has been SUCH a thrill to watch her brand visuals solidify and become so incredibly recognizable over the last 3.5 years that we’ve been working together! This was our […]

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Ashlyn Carter | New Haven Brand Shoot

December 19, 2022

Brand shoot for Lindale Studios in Spain | Abby Grace Photography


I’ve said it many times before, but one of my favorite aspects of being a brand photographer is that I get the opportunity to work with my clients over and over! I first shot for Katrina, owner and founder of Lindale Studios, in June of 2021, and it was SUCH a joy to travel back […]

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Lindale Studios in Spain | Brand Shoot

December 13, 2022

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