After an early evening deluge, I looked out at the beach and saw the beginnings of a gorgeous evening sky. “Matt, we have to take this photo tonight- please!” We hustled to our room to get dressed, gather my tripod & camera, and walked down to the sand together. Sure enough, as we arrived the sky was turning the most delicate shade of pink, and the sea was perfectly blue/green, and all felt peaceful. Just as it should for a decision so important.

You may have heard, but we have some news…

We're adopting! | Abby Grace Photography

It’s been a long road, and while we know there’s still quite a bit more left to go until we’re home with our son or daughter, it is with such JOY and HOPE that Matt & I are looking forward to growing our family through adoption!! 

To try and tell the story of how we arrived here, of our long wait and struggle with infertility…it would take a VERY long blog post. So instead, we’re sharing a video update on all things #springmannjourneytobaby– hear our story below!

After taking our photographs, as we were walking back up the beach, retrieving our sandals and rinsing off the sand, I turned around and watched as the most beautiful OBX sunset I’d ever seen slowly transform, as all such sunsets do. Shifting from soft pinks and oranges and lavenders as the sky marched slowly toward night. And in that moment, I felt more peace and confidence and hope than I’ve felt in the last three years.

Our God is good. And He is good to us.

We're adopting! | Abby Grace Photography

A huge thank you to Jenn Heller Design Co. for the absolutely beautiful custom sign to help up share our news!

We’re adopting!

August 23, 2018

  1. I am so freaking excited for you!!

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