If you’ve ever been on our newsletter list, a student of our wedding workshop APWWL, or attended a webinar with me, you’ll know I LOVE systems. Anything that allows me to be more efficient with my time and serve my clients better, I’m all for it.

A couple of years ago we started using Honeybook, a client relationship management (CRM) tool that not only streamlines our process AND serves my clients well, but it’s also polished, professional, and PRETTY! I know that may sound shallow, but honestly- I want every touch point between myself and my couples to be consistent with the brand we’ve worked so hard to build. And Honeybook does EXACTLY that for us!

We use Honeybook in a myriad of ways- signing contracts, sending invoices, storing client contact information, pre-wedding questionnaires, etc. It’s become an integral tool for AGP, and so today’s Bite-Size Business episode is ALL about how to book a new client with Honeybook! We’re talking over how to:

  • Enter a client’s information into Honeybook
  • Create a new project (a project is a contract with an invoice attached!)
  • See EXACTLY what your client sees on their end!

And even better news: you can get 50% off your first year of Honeybook by clicking here!*

*Just a fun heads up that the link above is an affiliate link that helps make it possible for us to continue offering great educational content for creatives! You guys know I only share products and companies that I believe in and trust, so you can be confident that I’ll always send you to sources I count on as reliable!

Creating a Project in Honeybook

August 27, 2018

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