Just so y’all know, I had to look up the spelling for how to saying “good-bye” in German. I was WAY off.

I hate burning DVDs. I LOATHE burning DVDs. All of yesterday was spent catching up on burning disks (I think I burned 10-15 yesterday) and it’s nothing short of infuriating- they take fo. eva. So when my disk and disk-packaging supply began to run low, I rejoiced! I finally had an excuse to start looking at switching methods.

My good friend Rebekah recently transitioned to flash drives and while I was originally turned off by the price increase from disks to drives, when she told me that it takes minutes instead of hours to prep a flash drive? I was SOLD. So I’ve been biding my time, slowly burning through my supply of 100 custom DVDs, waiting for the moment when I could finally break free of these lackluster disks.

I realize that’s all very melodramatic. The point is, I burned my LAST disk today! It was at the exact same time that I used up my last DVD box, so I’m making a clean break both from the DVDs AND my old packaging, embracing a totally new method of delivery to go along with my new brand. New packaging, new colors, new everything. I placed the thumb drive order yesterday with FlashBay and I will most definitely be stalking the UPS guy until they’re delivered.

Something I’m learning now that this is my full-time job is that if you CAN automate it? You should. So as much as I love my hand-stamped, hand-embossed DVD cases with handmade packaging to tie it all together, it’s just not practical anymore. The new flash drive packaging will still have handmade elements to it, but because of how much more “ready-made” it is, I’ll be able to stop procrastinating and start getting my clients’ thumb drives to them in a more timely manner! SO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Here’s a last look at my soon-to-be-history DVD packaging. So long, suckahs!

Happy Friday!

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good niiiiight!

July 13, 2012

  1. you’re getting rid of this stuff, and i’m starting to implement it! haha yay for no more cd’s!!!

  2. Awww… Well I treasure my DVD from you! It is SO cute and I LOVE it! I can’t wait to see what your new packaging looks like!

  3. abbey says:

    Oh man! You’re packaging is really beautiful though. How is prepping a flash driver faster than a disk? Isn’t it the same thing? Do Tell!!!!

  4. Jean says:

    I love this, especially since my Mac Book Air does not have a disk drive. I love flash drives. Great move for you and your clients! I’m sure you will find a wonderful way to package it.

  5. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    YAYAYYY!!! You will love flash drives! And thanks for getting show tunes from the Sound of Music stuck in my head 🙂

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so disappointed!! I thought the pictures would be of your NEW packaging!! BUMMMER :-p Lol. I guess I am behind (as usual), because I still think a DVD with photos on it is pretty advanced. I’m pathetic.

  7. Rici says:

    Such a cool, like your brand packaging! I really like it and how I think it´s you, or reflects you! Very inspiring!! Saluti from Tuscany!

  8. […] posted a couple of weeks ago about how I was saying ADIOS to my old DVDs and “Well, hello there!” to a new medium of delivering images to my lovely clients. I […]

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