Hey- photo friends! Have you ever been dubbed a generalist, the one who will shoot just about anything people ask for?

Welcome to the club. Ha! I spent my first couple of years out of college shooting anything and EVERYTHING people asked for.

“Oh you have photo needs, you say? Well, sir- I just so happen to own a CAMERA. I, clearly, can help.”

Yeah… I’ve niched down a LOT over the last decade.

Whether you’ve been shooting branding portraits for years or have only just started dreaming about it, I’ve got a new download that’ll help ensure you’re not a generalist any longer.

If you’re dreaming of a career pivot from weddings or portraits to exploring branding photography… I want you to be CONFIDENT that you can shoot creative work that stands out from the hundreds of other generic business-owner-smiling-at-a-laptop images flooding your social feeds!

If you nail these 3 things…

  • Arrive to every branding session with a PLAN (instead of hoping the Pinspiration Fairy will appear)
  • Know exactly what stories you’re trying to tell about the client’s business
  • Have a drilled down shot list so you don’t miss any of the must-have shots your client needs

… you can start booking branding clients who trust you as an expert, shooting the sophisticated type of photographs that will get them (and you!) noticed by their audience

Branding photo shot list download | Abby Grace

I’m serving up a brand-new download that just dropped- the Brand Shoot Shot List! Because pivoting from relational photography (like weddings and portraits) to concept-based imagery (aka branding) requires a BIG shift in your mentality- it’s not a matter of just showing up and shooting what’s in front of you. 

Download the Shot List here!

Bottom line? Producing killer brand photographs means learning to think like a strategist. It means planning and getting proactively creative by mapping out a shoot before you take a single photograph

Learn today…

  • The nine photos I shoot at every branding session
  • How to tailor your shot to feel TRUE to the client’s brand
  • The #1 photo to take during a shoot- nail this one, and you’re gold!

Nothing beats walking into a brand shoot with a plan. I’m telling you- this is where the ✨magic✨ is!

Grab a copy of the Shot List for yourself!

P.S. Get excited … I have a few more more brand photography how-to’s coming down the pipeline over the next few weeks!

Snag my shot list download!

February 19, 2021

  1. Karen Field says:

    So incredibly proud of you! Mom

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