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Why is it that the majority of artists seem to be allergic to the concept of selling?  Here’s what I think: too many of us believe that to sell is to bother someone– that someone is reluctantly doing us a favor by allowing us to pitch. To be fair, all the annoying telemarketer calls, door-to-door-solicitors, and […]

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How to crush your next sales call

September 12, 2023


I thought my doctor was going to faint.  A couple years ago, I was having some stomach issues that required a trip to a specialist. The doctor began by asking a few routine questions, one of which was: “How much water would you say you drink each day?” “Oh… I dunno, maybe 10-20 ounces?” “PER […]

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Eliminate Friction Like A Thermos

September 6, 2023

The Artisan CEO Podcast with Abby Grace


It’s been one year since The Artisan CEO Podcast launched, and given that the majority of shows out there have fewer than 10 episodes? That’s a cause for celebration! Last August, we launched the podcast with a handful of episodes and plan for the first season… and a giant question mark for anything after that. […]

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Happy 1st Birthday, Artisan CEO Podcast!

August 30, 2023


“I can totally do it myself!” It was summer of 2022, and with two+ years having passed since my own brand photos were taken, it was time for an update. But as we started talking about who would shoot them, I was really struggling with who (if anyone) to hire- I really like how I […]

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When should I update my brand photos?

August 7, 2023

Grab the 9 Brand Photo Archetypes shot list download, so that you never run out of ideas on set and can approach every session with a strategic PLAN.

Ever feel like Elsa and freeze up during a shoot?

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