Have you ever come across branding photos that were meant to feel “BTS” but that were so clearly staged that it’s almost awkward? Bonjour, je m’appelle Abby, and I’ve shot a lot of those kinds of photos in my life :). I’m the girl who wore an updo and a LBD for my head shots […]

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4 ways to make your brand photos feel REAL

March 8, 2021

Branding photo shot list download | Abby Grace


Hey- photo friends! Have you ever been dubbed a generalist, the one who will shoot just about anything people ask for? Welcome to the club. Ha! I spent my first couple of years out of college shooting anything and EVERYTHING people asked for. “Oh you have photo needs, you say? Well, sir- I just so […]

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Snag my shot list download!

February 19, 2021

Ashlyn Carter brand shoot by Abby Grace Photography


This girl is one of my business besties and besties IRL. She’s the champagne to my French 75, and I’ve yet to meet someone who also knows Ashlyn and hear anything other than “OMG I LOVE HER!” She’s a pistol, a firecracker, a sharp-as-a-tack entrepreneur, and one of my favorite people to shoot for! If […]

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Atlanta brand shoot for Ashlyn Carter

October 5, 2020

DC branding portraits for Lindley Battle | Abby Grace Photography


The third time really IS the charm! Lindley and I first scheduled her branding shoot for LAST December, ended up rescheduling for February, then FINALLY got to shoot in August. A combination of weather and Covid (but mostly Covid) kept us at bay, but when we did get together for her session, it was worth the […]

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DC Branding Photographer | Lindley Battle

October 2, 2020

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