Happy Tuesday, friends! Now that it’s unofficially SUMMER (because everyone knows that Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff), things are kicking into super high gear for us. We had a relatively even-paced Spring, but for the next two months, it’s going to be go-go-go. And I am PUMPED, because at the end of the big push? Our workshop in FRANCE!! Someone please pinch me- this is going to be an amazing next 8 weeks!

Last week was also a crazy week- we had Mark & Meredith’s wedding in New York, then we left bright and early on Sunday morning to drive home so that I could hop on a plane to Paris on Sunday evening. Then there was a shoot with Cavin & David in Paris on Tuesday morning, and bit of wandering around the city, and then I hopped on a train Tuesday afternoon for London where I met my Dad, grandmother, aunt, and cousin for two days! One last shoot in London on Thursday morning, then back to Paris that night… then a flight home on Friday.

London, England engagement & wedding photographer | Abby Grace

Phew. I’m a little tired just typing that all out.

But in the best way possible!! I LOVE that my job consistently takes me to some of my favorite places on earth, and I’m just dying to show you all the photographs!

The best, BEST part of last week though? Going to the Harry Potter studio tour in London. More to come on that soon!

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • My biggest fan fail ever: forgetting to bring a Harry Potter-related shirt for the studio tour. I’m such a Muggle.
  • What’s more boring than bird watching on TV? LISTENING to bird watching on the radio. My dad and I were in an uber in London last week and the driver was, no joke, listening to people describe bird watching and calls. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
  • My dad assisted me last week for James & Deanna’s anniversary portraits in Notting Hill and I was so proud of him! He wore a bow tie and a blazer because he wanted to make sure he was representing my brand well. How dang cute is that??
  • Guys, I finally downloaded DuoLingo. See, I took FOUR years of French in high school, plus another semester in college, but since I don’t use the language on a regular basis, I haven’t retained much. Every time I’m in France, more and more of it comes back to me, but I really really want to be able to confidently hold my own when we travel. Enter: DuoLingo.
  • So the app has you take a placement test to determine where your lessons should begin, and I don’t mean to brag, but according to the test, I’m 9% fluent in French. Try not to be TOO impressed, guys.
  • Also, I really hope my HS French teacher isn’t reading this. Sorry, Madame Flynn. I realize 9% fluency after 4 years of study is a pretty sad retention rate.

Previews from last week, while I wait for my scans to come in! David & Cavin in Paris…

Paris, France engagement photographer | Abby Grace

And James & Deanna in Notting Hill :). ALL the heart eye emojis, you guys!!

Notting Hill engagement & portrait photographer | Abby Grace

Tuesday Mash-Up

May 30, 2017

  1. Jean says:

    Beautiful photos, as always, Abby! ❤️❤️

  2. Good luck with Duolingo!! We are moving to Paris (!!!) in September and my husband has done all of his learning via Duolingo so far! (I took p/f classes to hone up while finishing up my grad degree.) I’m reading Matilda in French to practice now that classes are over. We are also watching Friends with French subtitles – highly recommend. 🙂 And we just got a subscription to News in Slow French – I think it will help a lot.

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