You guys, I am SO excited for today’s blog post! This is our first year taking on an in-office intern, and I could NOT imagine a more perfect person for us than Maddy!

I met Maddy at AJ & Cate’s wedding last September- guests had just been invited into the reception and we were waiting to get started with introductions, when this adorable redhead introduced herself and told me how very much she loved following along with my work. Also, that she’s a Harry Potter fan, and she thinks our dogs are cute, and that she was interested in pursuing photography. Um HI. I loved her already!

So when we received an email a few weeks later asking if we ever take on summer interns, my response was “well… we haven’t done so before, but I think this would be the perfect time to start!”

We’ve been looking forward to Maddy starting with us for months, and now she’s here! So I thought it might be fun for you all to get to know her with a bit of Q&A. Without further ado, meet our new intern, Maddy!

Photography business intern | Abby Grace

Abby: What are you studying?
Maddy: English! With a minor in history – I especially love the early-mid 20th century. I’m planning on doing a thesis on literature spawned from the Children’s Exodus of World War II London.

Abby: Hogwarts House?
Maddy: Hufflepuff and (finally) proud.

Abby: Favorite thing to photograph?
Maddy: I love photographing Parker, my boyfriend/better half. He doesn’t especially enjoy it, but he knows how happy it makes me and allows me to snap away. You’re the best, Park!

Abby: Extrovert or Introvert?
Maddy: I am quite the introverted gal, which is very beneficial to my study of literature – the quieter practices of reading and writing make my heart smile. It’s rare for me to approach someone and strike up a conversation, hence the near-heart attack I endured when I first introduced myself to Abby, but once I warm up to someone I can become a little red-haired chatter box that primarily speaks in strange metaphors and awkward puns.

Abby: One thing nobody knows about you?
Maddy: When I’m in full-concentration mode, my tongue slips out of the side of my mouth.

Abby: Favorite color?
Maddy: Dusty rose!

Abby: Favorite vacation spot?
Maddy: Mom and I visited San Francisco for spring break this year – any place that lets me wear sweaters year-round is a winner in my book.

Abby: Milkshake or ice cream?
Maddy: Milkshake. Particularly if it is drowned in whipped cream, chock-full of Oreos, and eaten with a spoon.

Abby: Netflix or Hulu?
Maddy: Netflix through and through. Although I will take advantage of the free first month on Hulu to binge watch Handmaid’s Tale (mom, I’m ready whenever you are).

Abby: Cartoon Beauty & the beast, or live action Emma Watson version?
Maddy: Cartoon will always have a special place in my heart.

Abby: Drive or fly?
Maddy: Airplanes are time machines, but I really love taking road trips with my friends. Drives to and from school with Parker and my best friend Rachel are among my favorite memories. Gas station snacks and old-school Disney Channel galore!

Abby: Favorite class you’ve taken so far?
Maddy: Beatle Music, and yes, I did get credit for it. It was profound. I didn’t know a key change could be so significant! I wrote a paper about sweet Ringo that required me to listen for Yellow Submarine for eleven consecutive hours – I enjoyed it much more than my roommate did (sorry, Rachel).

You’ll be seeing more of Maddy on my Insta stories throughout the week, and if you feel like giving her a follow, you can check out the brand new AGP intern Instagram HERE!

Photography business intern | Abby Grace

Meet our intern, Maddy!

May 19, 2017

  1. Jean says:

    Looks like a perfect fit for you both!

  2. Rici says:

    This was sweet to read Abby! very cool you get to have an intern.! 😉

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