Goooooood morning, Vietnam! I just realized yesterday that my Spring season is over, which means we have a mini “off-season” for the next few weeks! So we have a few things that are definitely in order: 1) cleaning out our offices, 2) getting to work on a couple new educational ideas Matt &/or I have come up with, and 3) RESTING.

Matt & I were talking this morning and I think the last time we took the sort of vacation where you RELAX instead of adventure was…four years ago. We’ve definitely had a few short bouts of taking it easy, like whenever we go visit my grandparents, but the last time we carved out more than a couple of days to recharge was in September 2012. So I think we might be overdue! Staycation, anyone?

Willard Intercontinental wedding | Abby Grace

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • Last week was amazing. We ended our Los Angeles/Santa Barbara trip with a day in Hogsmeade, aka the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Hollywood, and then went straight from the theme park to Dodgers Stadium for a Nationals/Dodgers game. It was amazing and also completely exhausting, especially when you factor in the 107 degree heat!
  • Funny enough, though, 107 in LA feels less horrible than 107 in Virginia. Thank you, East Coast humidity!
  • Also, don’t bother buying the garlic fries at Dodgers Stadium. It’s literally just greasy, unsalted french fries with minced garlic on top. A LOT of minced garlic.
  • My film stash collection hoard is starting to become unmanageable… so much so that Matt went out and bought me a separate mini fridge to store it, because taking up the entire top shelf of our regular refrigerator is no longer acceptable.
  • My favorite, favorite weddings are the ones where my bride & groom rock it out on the dance floor!

See below for proof as to why Bryan & Rachel are the best. Happy Monday, friends!

Willard Intercontinental wedding | Abby Grace

Monday Mash-Up

June 27, 2016

  1. Jean says:

    Enjoy your mini down time. You and Matt are welcome here any time.

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