Have you ever pulled a photo in for editing and seen that purple or orange haze around someone’s head? That used to drive me NUTS. I had no idea how to get rid of it, and if the haze was bad enough, I’d usually just trash the photo. I chalked it up to me being a bad photographer.

But that wasn’t the problem! The issue was chromatic aberration (CA). “Chroma-what?” In the words of this FStoppers article, it’s what happens “when two contrasting areas of a photograph meet and a lens is unable to bring all wavelengths of color to the same focal plane.

So, black tux jacket against a white shirt? Purple haze. Dark hair against a cloudy, gray sky? Purple haze. The glint off of something metallic and shiny? You get the picture- purple haze, purple haze, purple haze.

Fortunately, there’s a SUPER simple fix for the problem! Let’s look at an example- Jen’s mother’s dress was this gorgeous gray + metallic beaded number, but due to the contrast of the beading, there was some pretty serious CA going on:

Getting ride of chromatic aberration | Abby Grace Photography

So I clicked into the Develop module in LightRoom (keyboard shortcut: D), scrolled down to the Lens Correction section, and clicked the “color” tab. From there, I pulled the Defringe amount up by 10…

Getting ride of chromatic aberration | Abby Grace Photography

…and voila! Purple problem solved :).

Getting ride of chromatic aberration | Abby Grace Photography

You’ll notice there’s still a little bit of orange haze, but I chose to leave it as it is because pulling the slide too far toward orange resulted in the color being leached out of Jen’s mother’s lipstick. But I’d say all in all, this is a LOT better, right? Right!

Getting ride of chromatic aberration | Abby Grace Photography

Happy Friday, friends!

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Photog Friday: Get rid of that purple haze!

June 24, 2016

  1. Rici says:

    Oh cool, that is such a handy trick!!!
    Thank you Abby!

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