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Ok, so if you’re a female creative entrepreneur and have access to the internet, chances are, you’ve heard of the Goal Digger Podcast. My girl Jenna Kutcher launched it one year ago, and in just 365 days, she managed to hit 2 MILLION downloads. I don’t know much about podcasting, but that’s pretty dang impressive!

To celebrate the Goal Digger’s first anniversary, Jenna pulled together the list of Top 10 episodes based on downloads, and you guys. My episode was on it!


Jenna’s a crazy successful entrepreneur and human, which means the list of women she’s interviewed for the podcast is imPRESSIVE. Like, Hayley Paige. And Lara Casey, and Ashlyn Carter, and Natalie Franke, and so many more. I’m still trying to figure out how my interview made it to the Top 10 list among names like these ones.

If you find yourself with a stretch of time you need to fill, go check it out! My interview is Episode 80, but I promise you it won’t be long before you find yourself listening to ALLLL the goodness Jenna’s podcast channel has to offer :).

Happy Friday, friends!

Goal Digger Podcast | Abby Grace


My Goal Digger Podcast interview is Top 10 material!

December 15, 2017

  1. Jenna says:

    So, so thankful for your expertise, for sharing your heart, and for being in my life! Thank you for making Goal Digger a resource for EVERYONE!

  2. […] most-downloaded. (I’m not being falsely humble when I say I STILL don’t understand how this one […]

  3. […] most-downloaded. (I’m not being falsely humble when I say I STILL don’t understand how this one […]

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