Everyone Loves A Classic

I was going to title this “monochromatic color choices” when I realized that monochromatic means ONE color. And I most certainly don’t enjoy wearing all black or all white, because then I’d look like a chess piece :). I’m wondering if my love of black & white clothing started with my days in elementary school […]

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Everyone Loves A Classic- black & white everything

August 27, 2014

Ballerina bun- Abby Grace Photography

Everyone Loves A Classic

I’ve been rocking the ballerina bun for years. Sure, not always in the same polished way that the fashion world’s perfected over the last couple of years, but as an actual ballerina- I knew approximately 37 ways to tame ruthless hair into a bun that my ballet teacher, Mrs. Reddick herself, would be proud of. […]

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Everyone Loves A Classic: the Ballerina Bun

May 30, 2014

Classic blush pink tulle skirt- image by Ampersand Photography


I realized this may not actually be a “classic” by my usual standard, but hey. This is my series, and I do what I want. Plus, the A-line cut of this skirt has been around for decades and was really popular in the 50’s, so there you go. Tulle skirts came into my life at […]

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Everyone Loves A Classic: the iconic tulle skirt

March 21, 2014

Classic glossy red Hunter rain boots- Abby Grace

Everyone Loves A Classic

I’ve wanted a pair of glossy red rain boots for as long as I can remember, and this Christmas, Matt gave me a pair to call my own! It all started with my American Girl doll, Molly. Show of hands: how many of you all had one of those growing up? I know I’m not […]

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Everyone Loves a Classic: red Hunter rain boots

January 24, 2014

Grab the 9 Brand Photo Archetypes shot list download, so that you never run out of ideas on set and can approach every session with a strategic PLAN.

Ever feel like Elsa and freeze up during a shoot?

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