I realized this may not actually be a “classic” by my usual standard, but hey. This is my series, and I do what I want. Plus, the A-line cut of this skirt has been around for decades and was really popular in the 50’s, so there you go.

Tulle skirts came into my life at a very young age- my parents have photos of me prancing around in my pink ballerina tutu from ages 2 to 7. You know that children’s book “I Wear My Tutu Everywhere?” I LIVED that mantra! I had a matching pink leotard, pink tiara, and pink ballet slippers, of course, and they were my favorite dress-up costume to wear. That tutu is still sitting in my old closet at my parent’s house, but unfortunately it’s no longer appropriate for me to prance around in full ballerina get-up.

Fortunately for me, tulle skirts have made a huge return in the fashion world this year! As soon as I stumbled upon Alexandra Grecco’s work, I fell in love and began obsessing over how I could get my hands on one. I ended up purchasing my blush pink mid-length skirt from Space46 Boutique and stalked the postman for the delivery. It’s a former ballerina’s dream come true- tulle for days, flouncy and light! It makes me feel like I’m walking on a cloud. (Thanks to Sarah of Ampersand Photography for the image!)

Classic blush pink tulle skirt- image by Ampersand Photography

And then I got really ambitious and asked my Granny to help me make a shorter version, this time in white. After eight hours in my Granny’s sewing room, I’m pretty sure she’ll never agree to work with tulle again. But holy cow, the result is sheeeer perfection. (Thanks to Natalie Franke for this one!)

Classic white tulle skirt- image by Natalie Franke Photography

The thing I love most about tulle skirts is how versatile they are- you can pair them with a cute tee and flats, or dress it up with a sparkly top and some heels. The skirt’s a show stopper for sure, I love getting stopped and complimented on it!

What do you all think? Is the tulle skirt a classic, or a quickly-fading fad?

Everyone Loves A Classic: the iconic tulle skirt

March 21, 2014

  1. Rebekah says:

    These skirts look so gorgeous on you. But they are one of the many styles that I love on other people but hate on myself. Hmm.

  2. Jean says:

    I love your Tulle skirt and I am ready for another one, because we worked out all the bugs on the first one. Have a wonderful trip. Love you.

  3. Shalese says:

    I hope it sticks around FOREVER! Or at least until I find the perfect occasion to wear one. 🙂

  4. Tina says:

    You are the luckiest girl ever. Not only do you have TWO tulle skirts but you pull it off perfectly, with such grace too! 🙂 Love this classic!

  5. Love all the pictures and the skirt looks very beautiful. The light colored skirt is stunning.

  6. Deidre says:

    Do you prefer the blush or white color- on Grecco’s site and can’t decide! I’m getting married in a few months and thought it would be fun to wear a white one on future anniversaries!

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