I was going to title this “monochromatic color choices” when I realized that monochromatic means ONE color. And I most certainly don’t enjoy wearing all black or all white, because then I’d look like a chess piece :).

I’m wondering if my love of black & white clothing started with my days in elementary school band- you know, when they’d tell you to “make sure to wear black bottoms, white tops for next week’s concert!” [and inevitably some kid would wear navy blue]. Or maybe it’s actually from my ballet days- a black leotard with opaque tights was always my favorite outfit for class! Wherever it came from, black & white is my favorite color combination for pretty much everything. I set my Day Designer down next to my purse last week and had to laugh at myself- my Kate Spade handbag is gingham pattered, and my planner is black & white striped. You’d think I hate color, but I don’t! I just love the clean lines of the absence of color :).


And then when I arrived for head shots with the gorgeous Sarah Bradshaw yesterday, I laughed at the fact that I unintentionally matched my purse. Again. I can’t help it! Black & white is so timeless, so effortlessly chic, and it perfectly embodies my classic-loving heart.

Washington DC wedding photographer Abby Grace- image by Sarah Bradshaw

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Everyone Loves A Classic- black & white everything

August 27, 2014

  1. Abby Mirk says:

    you are the absolute CUTEST. i love all your fun posts 🙂

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