5 DIY branded photos you can take for yourself | Abby Grace Photography


I see you. The business owner sitting in your office in the midst of this insane time, realizing that you still need to market your services, but you’re coming up short in the photo department. You’re desperate to connect with your audience in a way that feels organic, but you’ve exhausted your supply of stock […]

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5 DIY brand photos you can take for your business

April 2, 2020

DC branding photos for Claire Ashley Beauty | Abby Grace Photography


I’ve had the opportunity to work with some seriously incredible business owners for branding portraits, and Claire Ashley Beauty was high on my list of “people I’d really, really like to photograph!” We first met a few years ago when Claire was doing makeup for Jessie’s Stone Tower wedding, and I just remember her being the sweetest […]

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DC branding photos | Claire Ashley Beauty

September 3, 2019

Northern Virginia brand shoot for watercolor illustrator Riley Sheehey | Abby Grace Photography


When Matt and I first decided to put a more intentional emphasis on branding portraits, I came up with a list of DREAM clients. And guess who’s name was on that list? Riley Sheehey. So imagine how ECSTATIC I was when Riley emailed back in May, even before we’d announced my new sessions, to ask […]

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Virginia brand shoot | Riley Sheehey

August 5, 2019

Atlanta branding photo shoot with Ashlyn Writes | Abby Grace Photography


I was *over the top* excited for this branding shoot!! Ashlyn was a dream client, and shooting for her was a career HIGHLIGHT. This girl- she is a force to be reckoned with. Wicked smart and one of the sharpest tools in any shed, Ashlyn is a copywriter for creatives- in short, her words help small […]

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Atlanta Brand Shoot | Ashlyn Writes

July 9, 2019

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