Bremerton, Washington maternity portraits | Abby Grace Photography


There is something truly precious about knowing someone since you were 14, and having the opportunity to walk alongside them during this stage of life. Sarah and I have been best friends since high school, meaning we’ve seen each other through a lot! We’ve been there through break-ups, high school drama, identity crises, moving cross-country, […]

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Personal work | Sarah’s maternity portraits

September 12, 2019

Capitol Hill in-home lifestyle anniversary portraits | Abby Grace Photography


These two need no introduction, because their wedding photographs are STILL circling the interwebs as the day that can’t stop, won’t stop. Kevin & Erica have become two of my favorite people we’ve met as a result of my business- they’re incredible hosts and have this gift for making anyone feel welcome and wanted. Being around […]

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In-home lifestyle anniversary session | Kevin & Erica

August 27, 2019

Vintage BMW anniversary session in Old Town Alexandria | fine art film photographer Abby Grace


It’s an absolute honor to be asked to photograph anyone’s wedding, something I never get over when we book a new date on our calendar. But if being their wedding photographer is a privilege, there’s something next-level about being asked to photograph them again after their wedding day. Kip & Liz’s wedding was one of […]

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Alexandria anniversary session | Kip & Liz

July 25, 2019

Capitol Hill, Washington DC anniversary portraits | Abby Grace Photography


Marie first popped onto my radar about 3.5 years ago when we launched my first online course- during a webinar, I mentioned something about judgy cats, and Marie later posted an Insta about how she was watching the course with her very own judgy cat, making both mine and Matt’s week! I finally had the […]

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Capitol Hill anniversary session | John & Marie

May 29, 2019

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Ever feel like Elsa and freeze up during a shoot?

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