“I want to trash it all and start again 😂… I know where I want my brand to be but I don’t know how to get there.”

^^^actual words from a fellow creative as we were talking about the dissatisfaction that comes with feeling like your brand ISN’T where it could or should be.

And it looks like she isn’t the only one who’s struggling- a few weeks ago I received 57 brand-related questions from you guys. Among other things, you told me….

  • You’re not sure WHO your ideal client is, and even for those of you who know, you’re having trouble reaching your target audience
  • You can’t seen to figure out what sort of visuals fit with your brand best
  • Your purpose feels murky, at best- you can’t seem to connect the day-to-day activity of small business ownership with your Why
  • Some of you even said that you’re not sure if you should use your own voice, or adopt some sort of “online persona” in order to sound like the other business owners on the market.

The problem with defining a brand as a creative business is that there hasn’t been ONE central place to learn what the heck goes into building a brand.

It’s just been an endless series of Pinterest searches, unhelpful downloads, and scattered blog posts that often contradict one another. 

You get so overwhelmed that you find yourself reaching for your phone to distract you from the uncomfortable truth that you have NO idea where to start.

>> But you also know NOW more than ever is the time to define your brand.<<

 You’ve had time to be home with (likely) less work to fill your plate each morning, and you’ve come to an awkward realization:

Your brand that was “working well enough” isn’t actually doing the job you thought it was.

It’s time to get this figured out, once and for all. No more putting it off for “one day when you have time.” There’s literally NO better time to do this than RIGHT now.

Let’s cut the excuses, define your brand, and get those ideal clients you’ve been dreaming of to start banging down your door.

Introducing: Branding Foundations!

Branding Foundations course for creative small business owners | by Abby Grace

A course that delivers one CENTRAL blueprint for discovering + building a solid creative brand, so you can reach your dream clients, stop guessing at your visuals, voice, and messaging, and get back to doing what matters most in your business.

Get all the details on what’s inside here!

This course was written for you. The content is based on what y’all asked for, with practical examples to help you see how the material applies to your business. It was reviewed by your peers, the very people I was speaking to while writing. Here’s what they’re saying already-

No one is teaching branding like this- this is so, so, so, so, so good!!

I don’t think you’ll ever know how helpful this course was.

You compiled it all in one place and made it digestible– the prompts were a game changer because they were questions I could actually answer without getting overwhelmed.

Inside Branding Foundations, you’ll find:

  • 17 chapters of text-based lessons (I truly respect your time, so we skipped the needlessly drawn-out video format)
  • Audio files of all the lessons dropping this weekend, in case you’ve found yourself with a lot LESS time to stare at your computer (to all you newly-minted homeschooling parents, you the real MVPs)
  • A step-by-step framework for developing your unique brand identity
  • A printable workbook with thoughtful prompts to help you work through and finish with a mapped out brand standard tailored to your business

This is a pilot launch, and we’re excited to add to the course based on your feedback and requests for new material! I believe the BEST education is the kind that adapts to speak to the needs of its audience. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

If the idea of influencing what gets added to the course next excites you, jump on in (y’know, at a 6ft/2m distance and with a mask, thx)!

Check out the details and grab your spot!

I’ll see you on the inside!

The all-new Branding Foundations course is LIVE!!

May 21, 2020

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