Today’s Bite-Size Business episode is the answer to a question we hear ALL the time from photographers in our Abby Grace Education group on Facebook!

“I respond to new client inquiries and then…nothing. What am I doing wrong??”

Sometimes, it’s an issue of the information you provided not being the right fit for a client- maybe it’s a matter of budget, the client might be looking for someone with a different style, the sort of thing you’re not often able to change. You know, the sort of thing that usually means it wasn’t meant to be.

Bite-Size Business series with Abby Grace

But SOMETIMES? It’s a problem with the communication of it all! There’s no issue with the information you’ve sent, but it’s the manner in which you’ve sent it that prevents your sweet potential clients from responding!

And THAT, my friends? Is where I can help.

Today’s episode is not about manipulation or coercion- it’s about finding the best way to serve your client right off the bat, because they’re EXCITED to meet with you! We just need to find a way, in this crazy busy world we work in, to make it as simple as possible to get a meeting on the books.

In today’s video, you’ll learn:

  • How you might be overwhelming clients into inaction with your first email
  • How to limit & communicate your availability, cutting down on the energy you’re asking clients to expend, and making it all the easier for them to commit to a meeting time!
  • The biggest (EASIEST) step most people miss, and how doing this one thing alone can increase client follow-through (along with swipe copy)


So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to our channel and get to watching!


Bite-Size Business: Making new client consults easy to book

March 9, 2018

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