Today’s a bit of a special day- the first Bite-Size Business lesson is LIVE on our brand new YouTube channel!

So, let’s have a conversation: if you’re a creative entrepreneur, chances are, you started your business because you fell in love with a craft or artistic endeavor, correct? But…what happens when you get “too much of a good thing?”

When you’ve up to your neck in the craft you love so much, and whether due to a lack of boundaries, an inability to say “no,” or a refusal to accept help… you suddenly find yourself on the brink of falling OUT of love with your craft? Because that happens, and there are some businesses that don’t make it out the other side.

Burnout is what happens when we work too hard, for too long, making too small a paycheck. And in an industry filled with such passionate and dedicated people as creatives, this is real problem. Small business failure rates are staggeringly high, and I’m sure I speak for both you AND I when I say that I want to LOVE what I do for a living, for as long as I want to continue doing it!

So in the spirit of staying in love with the craft you fell head over heels with before you ever became a business owner, today’s Bite-Size Business episode is all about PREVENTING burnout before you ever get close to that line.

Let’s do this (goofy talking faces and all)- click below to watch Episode 2!

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Bite-Size Business: Preventing Burnout

March 2, 2018

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