I LOVE photographing perfume bottles. Maybe it’s because I remember being so fascinated with the delicate bottle of Tea Rose in my mom’s bathroom growing up- I snuck spritzes of that scent more times than she probably realized (sorry, Mom!).

But until recently, my problem was that I forgot to ask my brides for their signature scent on the morning of the wedding! So I’d finish shooting the details, my bride would slip into her dress, and then she’d say “oh wait! Where’s my perfume? I need to spritz that on.” And then she’d pull out a classic bottle of Coco Mademoiselle or Miss Dior and I’d be all like “DANGIIIIIIT! Why didn’t I ask for that earlier?!”

Wedding day perfume- Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel | Abby Grace

So now, I ask for the perfume! We started sending out wedding guide magazines earlier this spring (thanks to THIS insanely helpful template by my dear friend Katelyn James), and in it, I’ve listed out the things they should plan to gather for the morning of their wedding. And on that list? You betcha- perfume.

Brides- if you’re planning to wear your signature scent on the morning of your wedding, simply place it in the box containing your shoes- there’s no way your photographer can miss it!

Wedding day perfume- Modern Muse | Abby GraceWedding day perfume- Chanel Chance | Abby GraceWedding day perfume- Tori Burch | Abby GraceWedding day perfume- Calvin Klein Romance | Abby GraceWedding day perfume- Chloe, Love Story | Abby Grace

For the bride- Your wedding day perfume

August 10, 2016

  1. Jean says:

    I love perfume bottles, too. Beautiful photos here! Love you!????

  2. Karen Field aka Mom says:

    My favorite thing is Coco Mademoiselle, too! I like seeing the pretty bottles into the photos. Great idea to stick them in the brides’ shoe boxes!

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