This is something we’ve been (sort of) quietly working on over the last few years, and a subject I’ve only recently begun to share about- pivoting from weddings into branding!

Though I’ve been shooting brand photos since 2016, the pivot really began for me in 2019 when we began talking about the new service on our various channels (prior to that, it wasn’t something I share about much).

I did NOT foresee it picking up speed as quickly as it had.

At first I just thought branding photography could be another viable stream of revenue, a way to diversify our offerings, something totally different from weddings that would help us balance out our schedule a bit. I had NO idea it was going to take off the way that it did, that I’d find my calendar chock full with dream clients shortly after announcing the offer!

Then when Covid hit and wrecked the event industry almost overnight, we saw wave upon wave of wedding photographers adding “brand photography” to their Insta bio + website. But what so many of them didn’t realize is that there’s so much to learn about transitioning into commercial photography (which is what brand photography is!) when you’re coming from a wedding or portrait background!

There’s absolutely some crossover, but brand photographer requires a shift in strategy, research, knowing your audience (because working B2B is very different than working B2C), and a lot more.

It’s not just “another type of photography” that can be added to a list of pre-existing services without learning HOW it’s different than your other offers!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Nathan Holritz at the Bokeh Podcast allllll about making the move from weddings into branding and some of the major shifts we had to make in order to do the dang thing WELL- this was such a fun conversation! You can listen to the full episode HERE or on your favorite podcast app- I’d love to hear what y’all think!

Episode 536 of the Bokeh Podcast- Making the Move from Weddings to Branding

How to pivot from weddings to brand photography | Abby Grace

Here’s what we covered during our conversation:

  • How I built a portfolio of brand photographs before launching publicly
  • How I officially launched the new service WITHOUT looking like my attention was all over the place
  • How to create something NEW for your clients (instead of just repeating what’s already been done!)
  • The four main steps to make the pivot from weddings to branding
  • How to avoid watering down your existing message when adding a new service/offer
  • …and a LOT more!

As a fun extra, I put together a how-to guide for how I simultaneously pivoted my marketing efforts as we also transitioned our business model- you can swipe the >> marketing pivot guide here! <<

How to Pivot into Branding | Featured on the Bokeh Podcast

December 7, 2021

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