I posted a couple of weeks ago about how I was saying ADIOS to my old DVDs and “Well, hello there!” to a new medium of delivering images to my lovely clients. I am SO happy to finally be able to blog these beauts! My good friend Rebekah posted images of her new flash drives a few months ago and I remember loving the idea of switching myself, but I still had half a case of custom DVDs left to burn and I didn’t feel right making the switch until I finished that stack of disks. After chatting with Rebekah about her experience, I decided to go with Flash Bay for my new drives. They’re amazing! They communicated quickly and efficiently and from the time I placed my order to the time I received it, a mere five days had passed. CRAZY fast!

The drives I chose are a simple twist design, but I was able to completely customize them by a) having the rubber body of the drive Pantone-matched to the blue on my website, and 2) having my logo engraved on the metal portion of the front and back of each drive. Flash Bay also offers presentation tins that perfectly fit whichever drive style you purchase, so I went ahead and had those engraved to match my brand, too.

It was really important to me to present the drives in something my brides and grooms will KEEP. I could have gone a cheaper route and done a kraft paper-covered box instead, but that box would most likely be thrown away, making it even more likely the flash drive would be lost. These presentation tins are keepers and because they’re the perfect, snug little fit for the drives, there’s a higher chance the drive will stay in the tin and not get lost. I think.

I finish off each tin with white, linen-textured wrapping paper, a blue ribbon and a gray tag. The larger, print boxes you see below get the same treatment, just with gray ribbon and a blue tag.

Washington DC photographer flash drive packagingWashington DC photographer flash drive packagingWashington DC photographer flash drive packaging

Aren’t they so pretty??

Washington DC photographer flash drive packaging

I include a hand-stamped, hand-embossed card + envelope in every package I send out. I can do a tutorial on these if y’all want- it’s actually really easy!

Washington DC photographer flash drive packaging

Flash drives + metal tins: Flash Bay
White linen wrapping paper: Modern Arts Packaging
Blue ribbon: Paper Source
Gray ribbon: AC Moore
Blue + gray tags: handmade using a paper punch
Custom stationery: handmade

Happy Wednesday!

New packaging- Flash Drives

August 1, 2012

  1. Oooo… These are SO pretty! I am jealous I don’t have one! You are so good at branding YOU! 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    I love the new flash drive and the tin is definitely a nice way to keep them. Very nice presentation! Way to go, Abby!

  3. so pretty!! fits your branding perfectly!!!

  4. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    Yayayyy!! They look amazing Abby! And your packaging is so adorable! It’s like a present!

  5. Wow that’s so cool that they can match the colors like that! They look great!

  6. Love the packaging! I would be so excited to get this in the mail!

  7. Janelle C. says:

    ABSOLUTELY love your packaging!!!! It looks great and goes so well with your branding!!

  8. these are PERFECT. and i love your new stamp for the cards 🙂

  9. Deanna says:

    Abby, my mouth hung wide open when i saw these!! So utterly stunning and I can not, (I repeat) CAN NOT wait to get it!!!! So Beutiful, just like you 🙂

  10. Dani Leigh says:

    You might have just sold me on using flash drives. So much more reliable than discs and I have been debating switching for months. I never thought a flash drive could be pretty – but jeez, those are so pretty!

  11. Laura Gordon says:

    I LOVE this! Is it totally crazy that my favorite thing about them is the blue color?! That’s the perfect touch!

  12. Erin says:

    I would love to know where you get the embosser from :]

  13. Ursha says:

    Wow! Amazing packaging!

  14. Hey Abby!
    I’m looking into buying from flash bay and was wondering what size gb did you choose?


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