This whole “working during the week of Christmas” thing is weird! Up until graduating from college, I’d always had a huge window of vacation during the holidays, so working during Christmas was a laughable idea. When I was still at my desk job, I always took the days surrounding Christmas off to spend with family. This year, I have no one to work for but myself, and since I didn’t plan ahead and pre-blog everything last week, I’m at my desk this morning typing out today’s blog. There’s nothing WRONG with it, per se, it’s just…weird. Matt took off from work yesterday (because truly- is there any bigger buzzkill than going back to work on December 26th?) and we spent the entire day watching movies, stealing peeks out the window at the snow-turned-sleet-turned-rain, and finally ventured out of the house at 6:30 pm to get pho for dinner. I love having those kinds of comfortable, slow days with Matt- it’s those kinds of days that make me really appreciate how blessed I am to have married my best friend.

Last week I had the fortune of meeting up with Blythe of Blythe K Photography to chat about all things photography! Blythe is in the early stages of her business and is getting ready to make the move across country to Nebraska (’cause she’s getting MARRIED!), meaning she’ll be starting fresh with building her client base in Omaha. I have every faith in her that she’s going to rock it out BIG time. She has such a huge heart for her business and I can’t wait to see where she goes with it! I’m a big believer in having fun head shots for your site so we got together for an abbreviated portrait session on Monday morning, so that when Blythe launches her new ShowIt site (woop woop!) she’ll have photos of her cheery, stunning self to use! Friends? Meet Blythe :).

Blythe K head shots- Abby Grace PhotographyBlythe K head shots- Abby Grace PhotographyBlythe K head shots- Abby Grace Photography

Blythe, you’re ADORABLE.

Blythe K head shots- Abby Grace PhotographyBlythe K head shots- Abby Grace Photography

Sigh. I ljust love that Lily Pulitzer dress. And Blythe was such a trooper- you’d never know it was below freezing outside just by looking at her gorgeous smile!

Blythe K head shots- Abby Grace PhotographyBlythe K head shots- Abby Grace Photography

Happy Thursday!

More Lovely Faces- Blythe K Photography

December 27, 2012

  1. Blythe K says:


  2. Brittani says:

    Blythe looks gorgeous! These are beautiful Abby 🙂

  3. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    Blythe, you look gorgeous! I love these shots Abby!

  4. wow she is gorgeous!! great job on the headshots, abby!!

  5. Amanda B. says:

    Beautiful – Abby & Blythe!!

  6. Matt says:

    That was fun hanging out with you yesterday! Also, great pictures! I love that you get to spread your photography to others 🙂

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