Happy Monday, friends! We’ve had a crazy week, in the best possible way. On Tuesday, we ended up heading to New York for a last-minute engagement session, going up and back in the same day. SO worth it- I can’t wait for y’all to see Jacquie & Sam’s portraits! Then Wednesday, we spent much of the day cleaning the house in anticipation of our brand new INTERN arriving on Thursday! You’ll get to meet her later this week on the blog :). Then Saturday, the lovely Marty & Christine tied the knot (see below), and so yesterday was spent recovering (aka taking a four-hour nap [it was GLORIOUS]) and then dinner at my new favorite spot in DC, Le Diplomate.

I LOVE the month of May as a wedding photographer!

American Pharmacist's Association wedding | Abby Grace Photography

This morning, my dad took of for London. Why am I mentioning that on a MMU? Because next Sunday, I’ll hop on a plane to Paris for a darling couple’s portrait session, and then I’ll board the Eurostar to head over to London! My dad’s spent time with my mom and both my brothers in the UK, but he and I have never been there at the same time. So we’re planning on cramming ALL the good stuff into the 48 hours that we’re in the city together! I’m SO excited!!

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • If you ever want to dissuade people from sitting next to you on an Amtrak train, just lay across both seats and fall asleep. No one will bother you.
  • Our first peony plant bloomed!!! My friend Jenn gave us four plants for the tiny little garden spot in front of our house, and with her forewarning that they may not produce flowers the first year, I was prepared for a lack of fluffy florals. But sure enough, two of the plants bloomed! WOO!
  • I love doing wedding day portraits in downtown DC. Why? Because everyone who walks by congratulates the couple, and on Saturday, one of those open-top Big Bus tours drove by and the entire bus waved & gave felicitous wishes to Marty & Christine. It was so sweet!
  • Fun fact: the New York Public Library doesn’t like it when you shoot engagement portraits inside. Whoops!

How sweet are these two?? Marty & Christine had an absolute rockstar lineup of vendors- I’m SO excited for you guys to see their full wedding day :).

American Pharmacist's Association wedding | Abby Grace Photography

Monday Mash-Up

May 15, 2017

  1. Rici says:

    AHHHH, you are in Europe again?! that makes me hungry for hopping on a train as well!!! <3
    love your stories & hope you have the most wonderful & blessed time with your Pap!

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