Happy DECEMBER friends! Does anyone else feel like they say down to their desk in March, kept their head down and did some work, and then when you looked up, it was all of a sudden December 1st? Because that’s sort of how I feel. I know everyone says the same thing this time of year, but seriously- how is it almost 2017 already?! Maybe I’m just getting old, but time seems to pass more and more quickly with each year!

Ok, I’ve never been a “gearhead” when it comes to photography equipment, but holy cow. Shooting film has turned me into one. I literally had a dream about owning a Rolleiflex 2.8 camera (Google it, it’s SO SEXY). And that last parenthetical aside proved my point- who calls a camera “sexy?!” Ugh. I got it bad, you guys.

Every year, around December 23rd, I have a meltdown because I realized I worked away the Christmas season and didn’t get to do normal Christmas-y things, like caroling and wassailing along the leaves so green. But THIS year, I was determined not to let that happen! So this past Saturday, I baked Christmas cookies with my niece, Evelyn. And we went to a Christmas market in Middleburg, and then we went and picked out our tree AND had hot cider while doing so. #Basic? Probably. But I loved every second!

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week!

  • Ok, Reign. I understand that for the sake of keeping your audience hooked you take some liberties in the “historical accuracy” department. But you lost me as soon as you decided to introduce a storyline that features Elizabeth I as pregnant. SHE WAS THE VIRGIN QUEEN, you ninnies!
  • And as a resident of VIRGINIA, the state named after Elizabeth I, I am all the more aghast at your storytelling decisions.
  • I think I’ve seen too many movies. I was at PT last week for an issue with my right knee and a guy with a British accent walked in. I asked where in the UK he was from and he answers “Ipswich.” And was like “WHAT!! That’s the town from the movie ‘Stardust’ that Victoria is so impressed by, because Humphrey’s going all the way to Ipswich to buy her an engagement ring!” And he, in his British humor, replied “ah… never heard of it.” Because it was the most REMOTE reason to know what Ipswich was ever. Ever.
  • You know what’s the worst? A pencil with an eraser that doesn’t really erase, and instead leave a pinkish-blackish skidmark on your paper instead. Skidmark pencil, go home. No one wants you here.

Remember the world’s cutest couple? Yeah, their film scans came in :). I’m so excited to blog Steve & Kara’s anniversary portraits later this week!

Alexandria anniversary session | Abby Grace Photography

Monday Mash-Up

December 5, 2016

  1. Jess says:

    I may have seen a car with an Ipswich license plate this morning. What a funny coincidence!

  2. Karen aka Mom says:

    I’m glad you had fun doing Christmassy things!

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