Happy Monday folks! Does anyone else keep waiting for life to slow down around them? I have one wedding left and it’s not til December, so I keep thinking “YAY! Slow times ahead!” and then I forget that my calendar is still crazy for another few weeks. So to cope, Matt & I connected our Nintendo 64 to the tv and I’ve been KILLING it at Super Mario 64. Matt’s game of choice is Mario Golf, which is supremely uninteresting to me. The only thing less exciting for me than playing golf is watching golf. I’d rather observe paint drying.

My laptop’s been out of commission for the last week and a half which means in addition to a nutzo schedule, I’ve also been less productive because I can no longer work in the car/on the couch/in a box/with a fox. But I just got an email saying my laptop’s ready for pick-up, so PRAISE!!

Know what’s embarrassing? When you’re on worship team and are supposed to be the vocalist to start a song, but you completely blank on the words and forget to begin when you’re supposed to. Also, when you’re leading one of your favorite worship songs (Hosanna, in case you’re wondering) and you SKIP half the bridge and throw the entire band for a loop.

Yesterday was an off day for me, guys.

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • I had a total DC moment on Saturday- I was helping out the lovely Katie Nesbitt at her wedding in the District when I saw Justice Clarence Thomas enter the reception space. WHAT! A Supreme Court judge was a GUEST at the wedding! How freaking cool is that?
  • Fact: grilled cheese sandwiches will never NOT be an amazing dinner. Especially when you make them with Kraft singles
  • The new Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them movie by JK Rowling is coming out next week and I am SO EXCITED!!! Who’s going to a midnight premiere? And by midnight, I mean 6 to 8pm, because as much fun as the 12:01am releases are, I can’t turn down seeing it even EARLIER!
  • There’s a gaggle of stray kittens running around our neighborhood and I’m torn between “OMG SO CUTE!!!” and “gaaaah- my dog will not stop barking out the window whenever he sees those gamboling felines!”

A sweet preview from a newlywed shoot I did last week for David & Alexis- I loved photographing these two throughout the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC!

Washington, DC wedding photographer | Abby Grace

Monday Mash-Up

November 7, 2016

  1. Jean says:

    Gorgeous photo, Abby! Beautiful bride!

  2. Dad says:

    He’s got no socks!

  3. Abby, I love this week’s Monday Mash-up! I’m excited for the Fantastic Beasts release too! 🙂

  4. Liz says:

    Oh no stray kittens. How many are there?

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