It was late October of my kindergarten year, and I was SO excited about the fact that my teacher, Mrs. Francisco, was allowing us to wear our Halloween costumes to school! I probably reminded my mom an unnecessary number of times, and on the morning of the designated day, I jumped out of bed and donned my favorite costume; a pair of pink tight, a pink leotard, my tutu, and a ballerina tiara. No ballet slippers, obviously, because I had to wear real shoes to school. Duh.

We lived in Orlando so, no need for a coat in late October- it was still in the 70’s in Florida. Mom dropped me off at school with a “have fun!’ and I trudged on over to my classroom.

Entering the classroom, I looked around with joy to see what other costumes my fellow kindergarteners were wearing. I mean, clearly, no one was going to look as authentic as me, but I was looking forward to it all the same.

Only… I didn’t see any other costumes. Where were the ghosts and princesses and witches and Belles (because Beauty and the Beast was BIG that year)?!

Oh my gosh…. I dressed up on the wrong day.

I flew to the bathroom in our classroom and locked myself in. I couldn’t let anyone see my shame! The HORROR- people would talk about this for years, wouldn’t they? How could I have mistaken the date?

I don’t know how long I was in there for, but it wasn’t long til I heard a soft tap on the door and heard my mother’s voice- she’d arrived with a set of normal clothes in a brown paper bag, saving me from social embarrassment throughout the day. Savior, I tell you.

And that, friends, is why you always double check your calendar before heading out the door in full ballerina garb.


Pardon the Facebook quality of the photo. And the creepy ballerina Troll doll I’m holding.

It’s Halloween! And despite the scarring memory I just recounted for you, I dressed up as a ballerina again for a Halloween party this past Friday. I’m happy to announce that I was NOT the only one in costume at said party, however, so perhaps we can now mark that wound as “healed?” (Also, super stoked that I got to use the white tulle skirt my Granny & I made!)

Halloween ballerina costume

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • Is it weird that I really like going to the gym on Friday & Saturday nights? See, I’m not very GOOD at working out, so I like going when there aren’t a lot of other people there. Fewer witnesses to my embarrassment when I lift something incorrectly, or have to search Youtube for a “how to” video before I use a certain machine.
  • Matt won’t let me buy that ginormous bag of mixed candy for our neighborhood kids until the DAY of Halloween. Why? Because otherwise, I eat it all. It’s not pretty, with my office littered in Sour Punch Straw wrappers.
  • I’ve never actually seen the movie Hocus Pocus… is that a crime? My parents wouldn’t let us see it when we were little because it contained witchcraft, and I never got around to watching it in my later years. Maybe we’ll find it on our AppleTV tonight!
  • It’s almost November, which means it’s ALMOST time for mulled cider!!! I’m so excited!
  • Shooting with candles outdoors is tricky. See, I’d been DREAMING of the shoot I had last night for months now. Lots of candles, a ballerina, and a staircase. Well, we pulled it all together, but after only 11 shots on my camera, the wind blew out 1/2 the candles, and sudden rain took care of the rest of them.
  • Seriously- FINGERS CROSSED those 11 frames turned out the way I’d envisioned. I shot it on film so I won’t know until I get my scans back from the lab!

A preview from yesterday, because Leah is an absolute STUNNER! She’s a dancer with The Washington Ballet, and having her in front of my camera was a total high!

DC ballet photographer | Abby Grace

Monday Mash-Up

October 31, 2016

  1. Jean says:

    Oh my! I had not heard your story about your costume experience! As always, Mom to the rescue! Love both photos.

  2. Karen aka Mom says:

    You were always a cute ballerina, even today!

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