This is a bit of a crazy week for us, you guys. I’ll admit- I’m a little intimidated going into it! First up: a full day of filming tomorrow with Handspun Cinema for a SUPER fun project we’ll be bringing you in just over a month!

And then early Thursday morning, I’m flying down to West Palm Beach because THESE TWO are tying the knot! And it’s going to be like an #abbygracebride reunion- FOUR of my brides will be at TJ & Lexi’s wedding, and each couple is one of my all-time favorites!

So, it’s the best sort of a crazy week- all good things! But I think I’ll start with the Emergen-Cs NOW just to make sure I can go strong through it all. Well, Emergen-C and lots of sour candy.

Also, apparently Friday was #nationaldogday, so here’s a photo of Lily & Sirius because #thoseearsthough

National Dog Day | Abby Grace

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week!

  • Tourists are weird. I can say that because I’m a DC wedding photographer. I just plain do NOT understand why, when you bring a bride & groom to the Lincoln Memorial, people stop and take photos. This is a legitimate question: what on earth are you going to do with those pictures if you don’t know the couple? I don’t get it!
  • Netflix is the bane of my existence. I think I’m actually addicted to it. Every time we finish a new show, I tell myself “haHA! Now I conquer thee, Netflix! I finished a show and I’m NOT getting into another one.” And then I get into another one. I need therapy, man.
  • On Friday, I drove up to Annapolis to surprise Natalie, alongside a few friends, for her birthday! And it took THREE HOURS for what should have been a 75-minute drive, despite me leaving mid-afternoon to avoid rush hour traffic. I am very, very grateful that my Granny isn’t in the car with me during times like that, because I uttered words I would NEVER say in front of her. At a louder-than-necessary volume.
  • However, I feel that cursing inside your car is a better alternative than road rage. And I was wearing red lipstick while doing so, so at least I was keeping it 50% classy.
  • I’m in love with Instagram Stories! I know it’s a blatant ripoff of Snapchat, but I got past that particular hurdle and now I can’t get enough. It’s so EASY! The only thing I miss are the face filters!
  • Fact: Muscle Milk is GROSS. We needed a new tub of protein powder cuz I’m getting  super swol after the last month of regular gym trips, and apparently I made the wrong choice. The taste IS improved, however, with the addition of a banana and milk (instead of water). Next experiment: try subbing in almond milk.

A sweet little look in yesterday’s wedding at the Hay-Adams! N’s layered tulle gown was absolutely to die for!

Hay-Adams Hotel wedding, Washington, DC | Abby Grace Photography

Monday Mash-Up

August 29, 2016

  1. Jean says:

    I guess that tourists don’t normally see wedding couples at the memorials and they are so beautiful, it’s hard to resist! Your granny would think nothing of you uttering those words. She’s been around long enough to understand the frustration of the DC area traffic and not brave enough to take it on. Just be safe!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Jean….plus to me when I was a bride I felt like a celebrity LOL

  3. HA! I do NOT understand tourists taking photos of couples they don’t know either. So weird!

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