Helloooo friends!! I’m here at ShowIt UNITED in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I’ll keep this brief. I had the joy of leading/teaching a shoot yesterday afternoon on photographing the First Look- we had such a good time!

So, nothing much to report here yet except the fact that I only brought two pairs of socks, and used them BOTH yesterday. So at 1am EST (10pm local time), I deliriously washed my socks in the shower with shampoo, and then dried them this morning by putting them ON the hair dryer, turning the dryer on, and inflating my socks with hot air. It actually worked surprisingly well, so that’s a travel hack I’ll definitely be sure to employ in the future.

I’ll leave you with this quick preview from yesterday’s shoot- how adorable are Jason & Cara?! I LOVED photographing them! And I loved seeing the photographers who attended employ their own tips and tricks, as well as pick up new ones throughout the process!

UNITED by ShowIt in Scottsdale Arizona | Abby Grace Photography

PS- wish me luck! I’m speaking tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED about it! Also nervous. But mostly excited. Maybe like a 60/40 split.

Monday Mash-Up

October 19, 2015

  1. Jean says:

    Of course you are nervous and excited! Enjoy your time in AZ.

  2. Rici says:

    Oh way to go Abby!! Go and rock it!!

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