I was one of those folks who used the term “natural light photographer” to detract from the fact that I had NO idea how to use off-camera lighting. I could work natural light like a boss, but when there was no natural  light available? I was sort of screwed. As professional photographers, it’s our job to be able to adapt to whatever lighting scenario we’re given, so not knowing how to overcome a less-than-ideal lighting scenario is going to present a serious problem when your client is expecting professional-grade images.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying you should drop everything and spend thousands on studio-grade equipment, or go back to school for a second degree in advanced lighting. But as professionals, we DO need to know how to adapt! And that’s where something like The Lighting Guide comes into play.

For photographers: Overcoming Bad Light! | Abby Grace Photography

I’ve had the privilege of learning from Justin & Mary more times than I can count, and one of the biggest takeaways has been that lighting doesn’t have to be scary! I attended Walk Through A Wedding with J&M in June of 2012, and two days after the workshop I shot a wedding where I used off-camera flash for the first time. And I rocked it! Why? Because they taught me not to be scared of my own equipment.

Just last weekend at Patrick & Katie’s wedding, I encountered the challenge of shooting in a bridal suite with very little available light, but rather than panicking, I knew exactly what to do because J&M teach about being prepared for this exact situation. We broke out the octabank, popped up a reflector, and I shot Katie’s gorgeous details quickly and efficiently. And in the end, the images are just as beautiful as if I’d had a large bank of window light to work with! See?? I bet you had no idea these were shot with artificial light!

For photographers: Overcoming Bad Light! | Abby Grace Photography

I am the QUEEN of getting-intimidated-by-complicated-things,-thus-giving-up-before-I-ever-really-try. So trust me, if I can understand and begin to master off-camera flash, so can you. It’s less intimidating than you think, and you’re more capable than you know! The Lighting Guide has everything you need to get started, and it’s a comprehensive and friendly read so you don’t feel like you’re thumbing through a textbook. If you’re struggling and looking for help on lighting, or just want a better understand of how light works and how to use it more to your advantage, I cannot recommend this guide enough!

And, good news! If you decide to invest in your education with The Lighting Guide and you use the code “ABBY” it’ll take $79 (more than 1/3 of the cost!) off the price. So really, there’s no excuse not to go buy it like… right now. Get out there and rock it, friends!

The J&M Lighting Guide to the rescue!

September 9, 2015

  1. Nicki says:

    Abby these are stunning. Simply gorgeous. Did you use a simple off camera flash with a trigger or a soft box?

  2. Mary Marantz says:

    AMAZING!!!! love you & SOOOOO proud of you! And DANG these look GOOD!!


  3. Alicia says:

    Totally just pulled the trigger and bought it!! I had NO IDEA these were flash when you posted one!

  4. Rosa says:

    If you say you say you are the type of person to get-intimidated-by-complicated-things,-thus-giving-up-before-I-ever-really-try than I am sold! I attended the J&M Lighting intensive, but it’s now a blur, and would probably get more out of this handbook. Thanks for the discount and tips 😉

  5. Mia Bjerring says:

    These are super gorgeous!! I already bought the guide and can’t wait to read through it and learn so much! I love how you can make artificial light look more natural!

  6. Rachel Wells says:

    I’ve been dying to get The Lighting Guide for so long and happily just pulled the trigger! Thanks for sharing!!

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