Adoption self-portrait | Abby Grace Photography


(Written before Baby Spring had made his debut!) Last month’s self-portrait is a little less elegant than I usually tend, but I’m totally ok with it! I’m also loving how my self-portrait series has morphed into a documentation of how our adoption journey is progressing. I didn’t originally intend it that way, but these photographs […]

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August Self-Portrait

September 5, 2019

Planning for maternity leave as a wedding photographer | Abby Grace


Aaaand we’re off! This season of anticipation has been rich, sweet, trying, encouraging, exciting, and scary, all wrapped into one. We’ve been waiting for this for four long years, and the joy that I have finally writing an “I’m on maternity leave!” auto-responder is overwhelming! Our expectant mama isn’t due for another few days, but […]

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Maternity leave!

August 13, 2019

Domestic adoption | MATCHED | Abby Grace Photography


June was a VERY exciting month at our house, to say the least. I may write a full blog post in the future all about “the call” and how everything unfolded, but in case you HAVEN’T heard, I’ll start with July’s self-portrait (because June’s will make more sense once you have context). Title: MATCHED A […]

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June & July self-portraits

August 2, 2019

Waiting | adoption journey self portrait by Abby Grace


This month’s self-portrait is once again adoption-related! We’re officially on the list of waiting parents- sometimes called being “active” or “live”- and it’s both exciting and, if we’re being transparent… sort of anticlimactic :). I’m so grateful to be here- this is the point we’ve been hurtling towards for the last eight months! But after […]

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Waiting | May self-portrait

June 4, 2019

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