Linchpin, Co | Vancouver, BC brand shoot | Abby Grace Photography


This shoot was a 2022 highlight FOR SURE! I was initially a little apprehensive when I saw Colleen’s (founder) email, because on the contact form, it described the company as a recruiting firm, and my zone of genius is definitely the creative small business niche. But after taking a quick peek at their social + website, […]

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Linchpin Co | Vancouver Brand Shoot

December 9, 2022

Brand shoot for artist Riley Sheehey | by Abby Grace Photography


Little to her knowledge, Riley was already on my list of dream clients when she reached out in the Spring of 2019 for her first round of brand portraits. I remember seeing her email come through and thinking “this has to be God’s way of telling me we’re on the right track.” We’d just recently […]

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Riley Sheehey | Brand Shoot, Round 2

November 17, 2022

Chair Whimsy x Frances Valentine collaboration | Abby Grace Photography


This was SUCH a fun one!! Wendy of Chair Whimsy first told me about the collaboration in November while we were at a retreat for the mastermind we’re both in, and I *knew* this was going to be incredible. One of Wendy’s favorite design houses is France Valentine (the red dress she wore in our first […]

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Chair Whimsy + Frances Valentine Collaboration Brand Shoot

August 17, 2022

What is brand photography? | Abby Grace


When I used to introduce myself as a wedding photographer, I never had to explain what that involved. People got it right away.  Nailed it. But since pivoting, when I meet someone new and tell them “I’m a brand photographer” there’s an inevitable head tilt as they struggle to figure out exactly what that means. […]

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What is brand photography?

July 27, 2022

Grab the 9 Brand Photo Archetypes shot list download, so that you never run out of ideas on set and can approach every session with a strategic PLAN.

Ever feel like Elsa and freeze up during a shoot?

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