I hate selling. I HATE it. The feeling of trying to convince someone to part with their money, it always leaves me feeling like an oily, used car salesman.

But there’s a difference between “selling” and simply believing in the value of a product, service, etc. enough that other people can’t help but see its value too. It’s not about manipulating, it’s not about coercion, it’s about living honestly. And really, simplifying. Because when my job is to show my clients how much I care, vs. trying to convince them to buy something they don’t believe they need, it makes life a lot more simple.

Which bring me to PASS! I’ve already written about my crush on this software/app here & here, and today we’re back again with one of their newer updates! PASS recently started offering canvases, but because I’d never actually ordered one from them, I wasn’t comfortable recommending that my couples order from them because I couldn’t guarantee the product, never having actually seen a canvas that was ordered from PASS. I’m a firm believer in knowing what it is you’re recommending to other people!

I’m so glad to say that I now 100% recommend these canvases, though! I ordered my first canvas through PASS a few weeks ago and am THRILLED with the result. Seriously, guys- these canvases are gorgeous! Here’s what I love so much about the one I ordered:

Canvas ordering from PASS photo sharing system- Abby Grace Photography

  1. The color is on point. It’s perfect!
  2. The packaging was done really well- the canvas was safe during shipping, protecting from any bumps or drops that may have been incurred by FedEx.
  3. It’s printed on quality material. Buy a canvas from a lower-quality supplier, and you’ll notice the canvas material itself is thin and cheap. But the one I ordered has weight to it- you can just feel that it’s a better product!
  4. I really love that it has those clear little plastic thingies on the back to help keep the corners of the canvas from scratching or peeling due to contact with an abrasive wall!
  5. Not necessarily related to the product itself, but I like that it shipped quickly. It was less than a week from the time I ordered to the time I received my canvas.

Canvases are expensive, which is why clients so often end up turning to cheaper avenues like Groupon deals or *shudder* CVS. But a cheap canvas is going to look cheap, and you’ll just end up throwing it out or replacing it with a more expensive version in a couple of years. So I say, do the thing right from the beginning, so that you can furnish your home with gorgeous pieces that will still be there for your children to enjoy!

Canvas ordering from PASS photo sharing system- Abby Grace Photography

Also? Super easy to hang. I simply put two small nails into the wall, and boom. It’s ready to go!

Photographers- one thing to note, I add my own border stretches in PhotoShop to avoid having the image cropped, since stretched wrapping isn’t an available option. Katie Nesbitt was the one who pointed me to this tutorial!

Canvases on PASS!

April 10, 2015

  1. Lisa S. says:

    I have no idea if my beautiful canvases from you are PASS or not, but they’re gorgeous and we get compliments on them CONSTANTLY! So I can definitely endorse your taste in canvas prints 🙂

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