Ok, it’s been almost a week since Prince Harry & Meghan Markle tied the knot, and I’m still in love. I’m completely unembarrassed about the fact that my alarm went off at 5am last Saturday so that I could watch ALL the coverage, witness every guest arrive, and feel, if just for a couple of hours, as though I were witnessing a real life fairy tale!

After watching (and being thoroughly enamored by) the gorgeous ceremony, there were five details that especially stuck out to me. So without further ado, these are the five details that I’m crossing my fingers we’ll see more of in the next few months and years!

1) Bateau necklines. I have always loved this particular neckline (perhaps because it feels like it adds curves to someone who’s never really had any), and Meghan pulled it off flawlessly. I loved that the neckline extended to her shoulders, feeling extra bridal and adding a layer of romance you don’t usually get with a standard boatneck.

5 royal wedding trends from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's wedding | Abby Grace

(Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar)

2) 3/4 sleeves. I wanted nothing more than a dress with long sleeves when we were married in 2011, but nobody was making anything other than strapless and sleeveless, open-back gowns. I know that royal tradition expects modesty in their brides’ gown choices, so the sleeves weren’t surprising, but I was still happily obsessed all the same. The 3/4 sleeve is flattering on practically anyone who wears it, and paired with the classy bateau neckline, it was the ultimate say in understated elegance.

3) Dainty bouquets. Hoping my floral friends don’t kill me for this one! There’s something so sweet and honest about the small bouquet Meghan was carrying! Make no mistake, I appreciate a huge armful of flowers as much as the next girl, but it was undeniably refreshing to see a conservative floral arrangement paired with the chic, classy design of her gown. It wasn’t overthought or overdone, and rather than drawing your attention away from all the other elegant detail, it felt virtuously perfect, in harmony with the rest of the understated design for the day.

5 royal wedding trends | Photo by Alexi Lubomirski

(photo by Alexi Lubomirski via The Cut)

4) Floral arches within & outside the church. I know this one’s not necessarily possible unless you’re getting married at a historic building like St. George’s (or, hey! DC’s National Cathedral?), but I was absolutely taken with the lush greens & whites bedecking the columns within the church, and the entry outside. It brought life & vitality to the building, and was THE perfect backdrop for Meghan’s entrance & their exit (and first kiss!) after the wedding.

5 trends from the 2018 royal wedding | Photo by Ben Birchall

(photo by Ben Birchall via The Knot)

5) Personally significant detail. Admittedly, this one’s not new, and one of my favorite aspects of weddings is seeing how my couples choose to honor family & past generations with the pieces they wear or carry with them throughout the day. I loved that Meghan’s veil was embroidered with flowers from the 53 countries in the Commonwealth, which she asked to include due to all the work she and Harry will be doing throughout said countries.

Royal wedding trends 2018 | Photo by Ben Stansall via TIME

(photo by Ben Stansall via TIME)

Did I miss anything? What was your favorite detail or moment?

5 Royal Wedding Trends I Hope Are Here to Stay!

May 25, 2018

  1. Karen aka Mom says:

    I heard on the news that Meghan left her bouquet on Britain’s Unknown Soldier’s Tomb recognizing Harry’s service to the nation.

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