Early Mountain Vineyard wedding photographer | Abby Grace


Oh I just LOVE album day on the blog! Today’s heirloom book is from one couple’s wedding that I KNOW you guys loved, because my blog stats went crazy on the day I posted their wedding! Jake & Abby were married at Early Mountain Vineyard just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, and it couldn’t have been a […]

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Jake & Abby’s wedding album

February 4, 2016

Leather Craftsmen wedding album | Abby Grace


You guys will most definitely remember this couple and their stunning Breaux Vineyards wedding! It was the perfect day- rain was forecasted for the entire afternoon, but somehow it completely missed us. And instead of a downpour, we had an EPIC sunset! You’ll have to view their blog post to see what I mean, but trust me. […]

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Russell & Kelsey’s wedding album

December 1, 2015

Wedding album | Abby Grace Photography


This probably isn’t going to shock you, seeing as I’m an anniversary + wedding photographer, but I LOVE wedding albums. It’s the absolute best way to package up your wedding day after the flowers have wilted and the last swipe of cake frosting’s been devoured, and it’s the perfect heirloom to give your children, grandchildren, and more. […]

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Jacob & Courtney’s wedding album

September 30, 2015

Fine art Europe film photography print shop | Sweet Wanderings by Abby Grace


AH! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this day ever since we decided for sure that we’d be opening a print shop! I know I’m a “one-person business” right now and the term “we” is probably throwing you all off- to explain, Matt’s been doing ALL of the back-end work to get the shop up and running. […]

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Sweet Wanderings Shop is LIVE!

August 6, 2015

Grab the 9 Brand Photo Archetypes shot list download, so that you never run out of ideas on set and can approach every session with a strategic PLAN.

Ever feel like Elsa and freeze up during a shoot?

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