I’ll be completely honest, I actually discovered this trick on accident! It’s a small little thing that has ended up making editing even faster for me, and you guys know I loving finding ways to streamline my process!

After culling in PhotoMechanic by flagging all of my “keepers” with 5 stars (using the #5 key on my keyboard), I pull all my 5-starred images into a new LR catalogue. As I’m going through and editing, I flag everything that’s going to be delivered to the couple by using the “P” key (think “P” for “pick”). Because sometimes I’ll over-choose in PhotoMechanic and end up with duplicates or unnecessary images in the “5starred” folder, so by flagging in LR, I’m helping to narrow down the final selection just a bit more. For example, I may 5-star 120 images from an engagement session, but after editing I’ll end up with something closer to 90-100.

Quick Adobe LightRoom trick for photographers | Abby Grace

Well, if you keep the caps lock key on while you’re editing, once you press “P,” it automatically advances to the next image, instead of you needing to subsequently press the arrow key! It’s a tiny little trick that doesn’t seem like much at first, but I’m ALL about speeding up my workflow. Not having to press “P” and then the arrow key means I’m saving 1-2 seconds on every image, and when you add that up for a full catalogue of wedding images? It makes a difference!

Try it out on your next LR catalogue. It’ll be jarring at first, but give it a chance- I’ll bet you’ll soon find you love it, and you won’t be able to stand editing without caps lock on in the future!

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Photog Friday | A quick LightRoom trick!

October 16, 2015

  1. Abby this is SO SO helpful! Such a simple trick… Thank you so much!!

  2. Shawn says:

    Ah I use that trick 🙂

    You can also set auto advance on by default and the caps lock turns it off. I like your way better though because sometimes I go back through and don’t want to advance just because I marked a photo “red” which in my secret code means “Clone stamp the exit sign out!”

  3. Ana Isabel says:

    Oh my goodness!!! This is SOOOO helpful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Anna Bayliss says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Sometimes my cat walks across the keyboard while I’m editing and then it started progressing to the next image after I hit the “P” button! I was so confused and had no idea what he had pressed to make that happen! So funny! Now I know – mystery solved! 🙂

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