France workshop for photographers at the Château de Bouthonvilliers | Abby Grace


As SOON as we finished last year’s France workshop, Katherine and I knew we were going to host a second one. The first one was incredible, and with everything we learned during round 1, we knew we could make it even more of an unforgettable experience with one already under our belts! We began with the […]

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The Signature Atelier | France workshop for photographers

September 14, 2018

Domaine de Versailles | Orangerie | Photographe de voyager Abby Grace


As I walked the streets hand in hand with Matt during our first Paris experience, I remember my senses being utterly overwhelmed. The romantic sound of French being spoken around us. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting out of nearby boulangeries. The taste of a foamy café crème with half teaspoon of grainy sugar, the pastel […]

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Château de Versailles | Fine Art France Film Photographer

July 28, 2016

Paris, France photographe de danse | Abby Grace


You know her. You’ve seen her before on my blog, or maybe you’ve caught her on my Instagram. Sophie was one of my first #abbygraceballerinas, and our first session was the one that really and truly made me feel like I’d found a thing I loved for me and me alone, and not because it […]

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Sophie | Paris, France ballerina photographer

July 8, 2016

Paris, France anniversary session photographer | Abby Grace


So I think the bit I love most about these two is how authentically they live and love. There’s never a worry that they’re not being transparent, or the fear of any sort of level pretense. It’s just 100% authentic and genuine with these two. And as someone who more often than not says exactly […]

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Matt & Betty | Paris, France Anniversary Photographer

August 11, 2015

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